Online Giving

Start giving today and donate to a parish near you!


Parish Pricing 

The only charge is our processing fee of 3.2% + $0.30 for credit cards, and 1.8% +$0.30 for ACH transactions.

If you're not enabled on our platform and are receiving donation's the processing fee will be slightly higher. 3.7% + $0.30 for ACH transactions, and 5.2% + $0.30 for credit cards.

If you're interested in enableing your parish on our platform contact us at support@oneparish.com.


Seriously. No other fees or costs, ever. 


We know this represents a paradigm shift for some parishes who are used to long setup processes, long contracts, many fees, and difficult-to-use systems. You deserve better. 


We are leveraging the best and most modern technology from WePay and Chase Bank to make online giving less like a maze and more like GoFundMe. 


In this time of unprecedented need, we are making this tool available today for all parishes.

Easy Set-Up

Start receiving donations immediately via our universal giving page shown above. Your parishioners can start giving immediately, today.

Need your donations faster? We can get you set up for a direct deposit. The process takes about 15 minutes over the phone and we have helpful guides to step you through it.

Gifts are sent to via check every 2 weeks along with a report detailing the donors. 




Online Giving Anyone Can Use 

Many online giving platforms are confusing and difficult to use. OneParish Online Giving is all on a single page. This means the link is easy to share and the process is amazingly fast. Most people can set up a donation in about 3 minutes. 


For parishes not using the full OneParish platform, we have to charge a higher rate to cover costs and risks.
For more information, contact support@oneparish.com