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FAQ: Online Giving 

What Does it Cost?

Zero fees, zero setup costs. The only charge is our processing fee of 3.9% + .30 for credit cards, 1.5% for ACH transactions. Seriously. No other fees or costs, ever.

Do I need a contract?

You do not need a contract. Think of us like a bill-pay service; your electric company doesn't need a contract to receive your payment. We know this represents a paradigm shift for some parishes who are used to long setup processes, long contracts, many fees, and difficult-to-use systems. You deserve better.

How does my parish get paid?

We send out checks to parishes every 2 weeks. You can also receive your funds via direct deposit; reach out to us as, or 574-347-8851 for more information.


Who is your payment processor?

We are leveraging the best and most modern technology from WePay and Chase Bank to make online giving less like a maze and more like GoFundMe.


How do I set up a direct deposit with my parish donations?

1. Create an account / Log in to

2. Go to the Categories/Funds/Accounts

3. Authorize WePay account button.

4. You will be redirected towards WePay to create an account or log in.

5. Follow steps there and you will be redirected back to OneParish at the end.

6. Go back to OneParish page, click on Add Deposit Account

7. You will be redirected to WePay to add account information. 

Are you PCI compliant?


Absolutely. We and our processor are both PCI compliant. Click to see our document here.

How long has your donation processing system been in business?


We have been processing donations for parishes since 2014, and have processed donations for hundreds of parishes.

Can I get a link directly to my parish's donation page?


 Yes. Follow these instructions:

1. Go to

2. Search by zip code and find your parish, then click/tap on your parish name

3. You will be sent to a page specific to your parish. Copy the URL of that page and you can share it to social media, via email, etc.